Environment Assessment

Uplytics’ offerings for business research and assessment are based on the tenets of strategic management and multi criterion decision making tools (like SWOT, TOWS, QSPM, AHP etc.) for evaluating decision alternatives and arriving at actionable plans. Our Services are

  • Secondary Research for market size, trends, competitive positioning, demographic profiling etc.
  • Interviews and Surveys of internal and external stakeholder.
  • Decision Models for integrating qualitative and quantifiable inputs for choosing strategic alternatives.
  • Strategic Action Plans based on comprehensive internal and external assessments.

Write to us at contactus@uplytics.com with your requirements and we will be glad to assist you further.

Analytical Insights

Uplytics offerings in Business Analytics are evolving and are designed to drive top line growth and stimulate productivity and efficiency improvements. Our offerings will help you analyze business data, set priorities, allocate costs, create “what if” scenarios and use predictive models to arrive at conclusions that help refine your business strategies. We analyze data for trends and provide actionable insights using statistical methods (like linear and logarithmic regressions, factor and cluster analysis) and artifical neural networks and deep learning models (like LSTM, RNN, CNN, BERT etc.)

The application of Analytics cut across industries and applies equally to brick and mortar and the internet world. Our services are alligned to our initiatives and include the following

  • Workforce Analytics for Performance benchmarking, Job Design, Organizational Network Analytics etc.
  • Sports Analytics for Player Recruitment & Management, Fan Insights and Management etc.
  • Trading Analytics for Algorithmic Trading Systems etc.
  • Marketing Analytics for Consumer insights and improving marketing effectiveness and performace.
  • Healthcare Analytics for Improvement in Healthcare systems and Management.

Write to us at contactus@uplytics.com with your requirements and we will be glad to assist you further.

IT and Performance Management

Uplytics offerings in this area are around

  • IT Consulting and Implementations
    • Cloud Platforms (AWS, Google Cloud etc.)
    • Content Management Systems (we use Drupal and Wordpress extensively)
    • Testing and Automation (Selenium, RPA )
    • Chatbots (Rasa etc.)
    • Data Preperation and Management (xls and VB macros etc.)
    • Analytics and OR Tools ( Python, SPSS, Solver etc.)
    • Visual Dashboards (Plotly/Dash, Power BI etc.
    • SEO & SEM
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Decision Support Systems, Recommender Systems

Write to us at contactus@uplytics.com with your requirements and we will be glad to assist you further.

Engagement Models

We are flexible in our models of engagment. Primarily the models that we can adopt are

  • Project-based
    • Clear Scope
    • Fixed Price or Risk Reward
  • Time and Material / Retainer Model
    • Customer the primary owner of deliverables and resources work under joint guidance
    • Works as an extension to client teams, with customer team focusing on critical aspects

We understand that your data is extremely confidential and critical and adopt the required best practices for assuring data privacy during transmission, storage and processing.