Analytics Platforms

We are working on building analytics driven collaborative platforms that can help enhance the decision making abilities of individuals. Some of our initiatives aligned around this theme are detailed below

Choosing the right career is one of the most significant decision one makes in his/her lifetime. For most, this choice is made without exploring either the environment or within oneself. is a platform build on O*NET, the largest career database in the world and utilizes the latest research in decision theory and analytics to help facilitate an individuals search for his/her calling. The platform provides comprehensive multi trait assessment capabilities (interest, values , work style/personality , abilities and skills), career information and exploration tools.

Targeted for students (including UG/PG) the framework leverages established HR theories to also bring data driven predictive capabilities to help individuals compare important decision factors (e.g. tenure, satisfaction etc.) before committing to a long term decision

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial revolution, career paradigms are fast evolving and Protean and Boundaryless careers are becoming a reality. Role. Fit provides comprehensive career assessments that provide professionals the much needed career decision support required for them to plan their careers, skills and transitions. Our research based framework can map individuals to different career roles in the industry.

At an organization/team level the data on individual preferences, in combination with other existing data (e.g. performance etc.), provides robust inputs for researching business issues and implementing workforce analytic solutions. Our framework thus provides for more informed decisions with direct impact on the bottom line, decreased role based attrition, enhanced productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction